The Fire Within

Victories and struggles, inspiration and praise


My desires for the world claw at me
But, my dreams for Your heart tug at me
Papa, tell me, how do I see
What it is You have in store for me

So, now I am stuck
In my heart I want to make a difference
But, I am still awestruck
That in my flesh I want the extra dividends

You made me for so much more
To conquer this world in Your Name
Within Your family, to shake it to the core
To heighten Your fame

Still, here I will wait
Even though I am stuck
You will make my path straight
You will make me unstuck

©Yesenia Castillo, 2012

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The Fire Within

So, here I am again

I just could not

Contain the Fire within

It continued to burn hot

With the words He gives

To paper I must pen

For Him who believes

In me, yes, for Him

Yes, here I am again

And, no longer to dim

But, to set free

The Fire within

©Yesenia Castillo, 2012

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Thank You

Thank you for your visits
And, your kind words, too
I hope in a small way
I have encouraged you

Yes, it is that time
Time for me to part
To fulfill my dreams
The desires of my heart

I know He is the One
Only He is the Lord
He is my one true love
So, beautiful and unique

I no longer fear
I no longer dread
Gifted with His peace
I now hold dear

Whatever life brings
Do not be discouraged
Look to the Savior
Jesus will give you courage

Believe in His Name
So, that you may be saved
Don’t hold on to blame
Let Him lead, right by your side

I love each one of you
And, I wish you only His best
Let us smile together
Until, my brothers and sisters, we meet again

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Happy New Year!

May 2012 be full of His blessings
They are yours to take
Do not allow 2011 to haunt you
Forgive, and be free

There is much to celebrate
Despite all the struggles
You are here, made stronger
Don’t give satan your victory

Love without expectation
Though it may be hard, indeed
Reclaim your victory
Let that be your legacy

©Yesenia Castillo, 2012



“He is the reason for the season”
This is what they say
No, He is the reason for every season
He is the only way

As you go about your business
With shopping and music galore
And through it comes the stress
Remember it was Him that came before

Mighty God, born and placed in a manger
Dependent on another, like us just the same
Cried when He was hungry, I’d wager
Innocent and helpless when He came

His name is Jesus, a name many will not claim
Born to die just for our sins, is what is said
Many follow Him, widespread is His fame
On Him our eternity will depend

©Yesenia Castillo, 2011


Keep Hoping

Look to the sky
What do you see
The birds fly by
In a perfect V

They do not argue
Do not demand their own way
They work together as a crew
So there will be no delay

How majestic they look
In perfect unison they are
Among them is no crook
That is why they go far

If only we were the same
Though different we are
We have ourselves to blame
Why our egos go so far

Still, one should not despair
As long as there are others
Others who very much care
Who treat everyone as their brothers

©Yesenia Castillo, 2011

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That Special Joy

I search for a special joy
Boys cannot even give
I search for that unlike
Anything anyone has seen
This special joy has no dollar sign
It is so special, one could cry
Yes, I walk through this life
Searching for that which
Is rare to be had
This kind of joy lights up
Even the darkest night
I have yet to grasp it, or
Even claim to know what it is
Someone once told me
There is a gap that yearns
To be filled, a gap that is His
He holds in His hand that
Which I seek out to fulfill
He needs me only to be still
To let it all go, and cease my search
Trust in Him is all He requests
For He has so much more
Than the special joy that I seek

©Yesenia Castillo, 2011

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The soft grass my supporter
The blue sky my ally
The moon my confidant
The sun my companion
Together we walk this path
The path He has created for us
We have many enemies
Many who seek our destruction
Yet, despite the battle
We adhere to Him who binds us
Grass offers rest day and night
Sky shelters from boundaries
Moon lights the darkness
Sun encourages with a smile
Still, my most important friend
My Creator, Who holds my hand
Through peace, through war
Through love, through hate
He is my loving Salvation
Salvation, the beginning and the end

©Yesenia Castillo, 2011


Foolish to Dream

Who will thrive in dreaming their dreams this age
A fool will dream despite what’s in the way
What use is it to dream within a cage
For is that not what the world is today

One is to live like them to well succeed
That nothing is all dreaming will contrive
To dream one’s dreams it is folly indeed
Without one’s dreams, they say, one must survive

Yet, fools continue to dream in this age
Despite what’s in the way fools do not delay
Their need to dream against the odds is strange
A fool should care what the world, of them, say

Oh no, do not misjudge these words I write
For of all the fools, the biggest is I

©Yesenia Castillo, 2011


Your Sacrifice

You left Your glory
To become like me
You, the benevolent story
Just to make me free

Yes, I do understand
What You left behind
So, I could take Your hand
So, You could free my mind

It is an Amazing Grace
That You freely offer
Because to Your disgrace
You acted as my buffer

Wearing a crown of thorns
You were pinned to a tree
You crushed the fiend with horns
All because You loved me

Yet, You did not stop there
For many, You sacrificed
For many, You did care
This, above all, needs to be prized

©Yesenia Castillo, 2011


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